Mir Shahdad Jo Qubo

Mir Shahdad Jo Qubo (“the tomb of Mir Shahdad Talpur”) is the tomb of Mir Shahdad Talpur, who is regarded as one of the finest military commanders of Sindh. It is a monument of historical importance, situated in Shahpur Chakar of Sanghar District, Pakistan.
This is very old graveyard of Talpurs but main personalities Mir Shahdad Khan Talpur and Mir Chakar Khan Talpur are well known generals in 12th century and it was Kalhora period in Sindh at that time.
Shahdadpur a big city of Province Sindh is named behind Mir Shahdad Talpur, and Mir Chakar Khan Tallpur. Shahpur Chakar is named behind his son Mir Chakar Talpur.

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